All You Need To Know About Filing A Cyber Crime Complaint Online In India

In today’s world, from gathering information to maintaining conversations; vice versa for financial transactions or for transportation; everything depends on the internet. The Internet has made our lives easier and everything is now on our fingertips. However, there are some downsides of the internet. These include cyber-crime, data breaches and privacy issues. Cyber-crime is a major concern as it can lead to identity theft and financial loss. In this step by step guide we will learn about How to file cyber crime complaint online?

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime means any kind of criminal activity that takes place on the internet or using a computer. It includes activities like hacking, phishing, identity theft, ransomware attacks, and cyberbullying. Cyber crime can be used to steal money or confidential information. Cybercrime is evolving day by day and cyber criminals are finding new ways to dupe people. According to cyber security publisher Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is predicted to inflict damages totaling USD 6 trillion globally in 2021 with a 15% per year growth rate.

How to File a Cyber Crime Complaint Online in India?

To file a cyber crime complaint online you have to visit the national cyber crime reporting portal of India which is This portal is operated under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to facilitate victims/complainants to report cyber crime complaints online.

Register on Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

Go to the national cyber crime reporting portal of India –

Click on File a complaint & accept all the terms and conditions. Now proceed to the REPORT CYBER CRIME button.

process of filing cyber crime complaint online

You need to register yourself to file the cyber crime complaint. Select the Click Here for New User option & fill all the required information.

Enter the OTP & security captcha and click the Submit button to register.

Your registration is complete & now you will be redirected to the user profile page. 

If you are not redirected to the user profile page automatically, Click on the Citizen Login button & log in manually to reach the user profile page. 

On the user profile page you need to fill in a little  basic information like Name, Date of Birth, Gender & Address.

Submit all the details to complete your profile.

After completing the profile, you will find multiple options like Draft Complaint, Report Cyber Crime, Check Status & much more.

Click on Report Cyber Crime. A complaint form will open now.

Complaint Form

The cyber crime complaint form is divided into 4 simple sections.

process of filing cyber crime complaint online

Incident Details – Mention the details and supporting evidence of the crime.

  • Category & subcategory of the incident.
  • Approximate date & time of the  incident.
  • Mention the website/portal of the incident.
  • Mention if there is any delay in reporting.
  • Describe the incident in 200 to 1500 characters in the additional information field.
  • Provide additional details & upload Supporting Evidence depending on the cyber crime. You can click a photo or take a screenshot of the supporting evidence to upload it.

Click on Save as Draft & Next.

Suspect Details – Mention the alleged suspect details if you have any [Name, photo or address of the suspect] otherwise leave it blank.

Complaint Details – Provide all the information about the victim [Name, address, communication details, etc]. You need to upload a National ID Card of the victim. You can upload either an Aadhar Card, Pan Card or Voter ID Card. Mention Relationship with the victim if filing a complaint on behalf of others.

Final Review & Submit – Once you fill in all the details, verify it carefully before publishing. If everything is OK, click on Confirm & Submit to file the complaint.

process of filing cyber crime complaint online

Your cyber crime complaint is filed successfully. You will receive a confirmation with an acknowledgement number on your Mobile phone & Email. Don’t forget to logout after filing the cyber crime complaint.
To check the status of your cyber crime complaint, login to the cyber crime portal & click on Check Status.

Supporting Information / Documents Required to File Cyber Crime Complaint

Cyber CrimeDocuments Required

Fraudulent Transaction / Card Fraud / UPI Fraud
Transaction Details Like Date, Amount, Transaction Number, Bank/Wallet Name, Account Number, Beneficiary Details.
Screenshot of the Transaction / Photo of Bank Passbook.
CyberbullyingWebsite / Portal Where Someone Bullying You
Facebook ID / Instagram ID / WhatsApp Number of the Bully
Screenshot of the Message
RansomwareEmail ID / Phone number Through Which Ransom Has Been Demanded.
Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Address / Bank Account Details Provided to Deposit the Ransom.
Screenshot / Image of the Locked Device.

Not all documents are required but providing maximum number of documents / evidences will lead to faster resolution.

Help for the Victims of Cyber Crime & Online Harm

Cyber Helpline


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