Tuesday, December 6, 2022





Government-backed Chinese hackers have been exploiting major telecommunications companies by using known security flaws in routers to gain access to their systems.

Devices that you might overlook in a typical pentest, such as internet-facing services and endpoints are very often the one cyber attacker’s target. But there are a lot of suspicions that China is hacking the US with what FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate said- in April Chinese intrusions outnumber all other countries combined.

The advisory is aimed at organizations to help defend against the devices and networks being hacked. Rob Joyce tweeted that to get rid of the Chinese hackers, we need to understand their tactics and cybersecurity knowledge. Rob Joyce has spent decades at the NSA and is called one of the leading cybersecurity experts.

Some people say that the US is unfairly blaming China for an alleged cyber campaign, while others say that this is not true because of the close connections between these countries.

The Chinese government has been targeting a range of other organizations as well. If you don’t make it a point to update your software and patch the cyber defenses of your devices, cyber attackers will have an easy time invading your computer.

The Chinese People’s Republic waged a successful cyber campaign against telecommunication networks that had begun in 2020 and was announced by federal agencies in Tuesday’s press release. Their government has denied all allegations that they have been hacking, according to American officials. The agency didn’t identify the victims but promised to release further information about the security breach.

Hacking is hard. Rob Joyce, a cyber official for the NSA for decades, tweeted that to kick out hackers on Chinese soil, we must understand their tradecraft and find them beyond just initial access. Rob Joyce says that rather than kicking hackers out, we need to understand how they do their craft and find them after they start to work. US cybersecurity officials are always trying to get ahead of the game since foreign operatives tend to create new vulnerabilities in existing software.

China’s Cyber Campaign Leaking Vulnerabilities

President Joe Biden, who recently spoke to China’s President Xi Jinping on the phone, raised the issue of China’s alleged hacking campaign last year which exposed vulnerabilities in Microsoft. On a call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Joe Biden brought up a critical issue to the latter. The US was troubled by alleged China’s cyber campaign last year, which leaked the vulnerabilities of organizations worldwide using Microsoft software. Beijing rejected the allegations and analysts said that accusing China is more complicated than confronting Russia due to the intertwined economies.

Cyber defenders often overlook these devices, limiting access to vulnerable software or programming errors. These vulnerabilities can be seen as “Internet-facing services and endpoint devices.” According to the FCC, the Chinese military has been interfering in civilian communications systems since 2020. The Chinese government denies these allegations, though FBI Deputy Partner Paul Abbate claims China conducts more hacking than any other country in the world.

The advisory from Cisco and Fortinet does not mention who the victims of the hacking were, but rather provides ways for organizations to defend themselves.

US officials are continuously on guard against foreign operatives who exploit current software vulnerabilities to infiltrate key computer networks. US officials were particularly vexed because China hacked thousands of computers last year, exposing vulnerabilities in that software.

Advisory Issued

The FBI, NSA, and Cybersecurity are issuing an advisory reminding businesses of the importance of cybersecurity by pointing out the risks posed to devices that aren’t patched. The advisory was for potential “defensive measures” to prevent hacking of networks. The agencies did not identify the victims in the advisory.

Rob Joyce says to prevent Chinese hackers from accessing our computer systems, we must understand their techniques and detect them beyond just the initial access. He’s just the latest of many US officials to issue this warning. As is often the case, attackers have exploited vulnerabilities rather than hacking exploits that have not been discovered yet.

Attacks often take place by exploiting things we already know, such as vulnerabilities. According to FBI deputy director Paul Abbate, China conducts more hacking than all other countries combined. The hacking allegations have been a source of conflict in the US-China relationship.

Analysts say that the US it more complicated to confront China about their alleged cyber campaigns because the US and the Chinese economy are deeply intertwined.