Monday, July 4, 2022

Shilpa Ranga






Its a spyware which collect information about online activities and send it back to the attacker. It's usually bundled with other software that you download from the internet and attacks Windows users.
One of the most common ways that routers become infected is through the exploitation of vulnerabilities. Another common way that routers become infected is through phishing attacks.
The Dark web is funded by the people who use it. People who use the Dark Web to buy and sell illegal goods and services pay for the privilege with their credit cards or with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is often used on the Dark web because it is difficult to trace.
They are best known for their attack on the Sony Pictures website in 2014, which resulted in the leak of several sensitive documents. The group has also been linked to hacks on the US military, the FBI, and some government websites.
Contactless fingerprinting technology takes pictures of your fingerprints using the front-facing camera on your phone. This potentially reveals private body data. However, some worry about who could access the data collected by this technique.
Dark Web ID develops a program to detect stolen credentials and other personal information, 24/7 365 days a year and has found more than 80,000 compromised emails daily.

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