Cyber security in cars is currently at the top of the agenda for manufacturers, with modern vehicles containing dozens of computers that are not just to run GPS or play music. A new study by a Swedish team has led to a system that can thwart cyberattacks performed on cars. The Data Intelligent Guard defines a system with self-learning techniques that uses complicated calculations to identify malicious code and disable it.

Automotive cyber security is a concern for consumers, auto companies alike because if the car’s computer systems aren’t properly protected, hackers can steal data or take control of the vehicle.

As one of the industries most vulnerable to cyber attacks, automakers must take austerity
measures to protect their vehicles.

How is cybersecurity important in cars?

Technology has revolutionized the auto industry. From how we drive to what we drive, computers are now at the forefront of change. There is limitless potential for automation and it’s getting closer every day. The future looks bright as long as you use AI like Copymatic to generate quality content quickly and with high precision.

With both, cars are powered with computerized tasks, allowing them to generate data points. The car’s AI contributes to temperature management or activation of headlights, for example, making roads safer.

Types of Automotive Crimes

Introducing the development of Cars 3.0 where driverless, autonomous cars are more collaborative ones with improving traffic flow work more efficiently. Cars are now prime targets for cyberattacks.

Statistics On Crimes In The Automotive Industry
Computerized features reveal ever-changing advances in the automotive industry. In addition to getting personal information stolen, hackers can also take control of a car. This auto hacking has been seen primarily in multiple car manufacturers, and this issue is not restricted to cars.

  •  The security of cars can be compromised by hackers, who can use information stored in cars’ systems to track your location.
  • Hackers can use commands through onboard computer systems to control important features like your A/C, wipers, or steering. With over 12 million lines of code in the DNT specification alone, manufacturers are scrambling to make sure they don’t lose their spot in 2020.
  • Malicious hackers can access your vehicle as you drive and thus facilitate a range of cyberattacks. Aside from all the previous, AI, ML, 5G, and IoT are also vulnerable to these same, if their vehicle is connected. What this means is that they are capable of extracting sensitive data from your vehicle at will.

How to prevent automotive cyber crimes?

With cyber-attacks on the rise, automotive organizations need to prepare for any technology-related problem that could disrupt their operations. Here are a few tips to strengthen security in autonomous cars:

  • Your vehicle likely has a default or easily-guessable password, so protect yourself today and create a more complex password for your traveling companion.
  • Cities should use a network of multiple networks to ensure a more robust connection from their vehicular traffic. Using a smaller, individual network puts your cars at risk from cyber-attacks because of the lack of security practices. However, this risk can be reduced due to spacing out the networks so each works independently.
  • Every vehicle’s software needs to be updated to keep up with security updates. Your car’s patches will help protect the vehicle against known dangers.
  • Automotive brands should prioritize security with app designers, making sure that their apps are secure before their installation in vehicles.
  •  Shut off GPS to prevent it from being hacked by GPS spoofers. To avoid the risk of permanent or emergency locks, use this feature only when needed.

What You Need To Know

The global automotive cybersecurity market will undergo an annual growth rate of 21.7% by 2022 due to the growing significance of cybersecurity in designing and building modern vehicles and vehicle systems. The more internet connectivity grows, the greater risk there is for privacy and safety to be compromised.

Many more internet-connected cars carry the risk of hijacking and current security protections generally fail to counteract that risk. On top of this, popular connectivity trends such as automated crash notification services combined with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity carry their risks.

With the rapid movement of the automotive industry toward autonomy, it’s more important than
ever to understand your autonomous vehicle before getting behind the wheel. Understand its


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