In February and March, a variant of the Mirai botnet called Beastmode began exploiting new TOTOLINK router vulnerabilities to grow in size. Beasts can push more data to a target from multiple points, which can lead to an overload. Beasts need automation, scalability, and adequate bandwidth.

Beastmode Targets a New Device

New research from certain sources has found that there is a new type of attack, known as Beastmode, which targets all IoT devices. The attacker exploits the Universal Plug and Play protocol, which was designed to allow devices on an open network to seamlessly discover each other. Researchers have warned about this exploit for a long time but attacks seem to be getting more intense as devices become cheaper and more accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Speeds Up

Beasts can be a blessing for IT in some ways. Some of the advantages are increased speed and efficiency on more parts of your infrastructure. They increase total throughput speeds. However, this is only true if you have highly skilled beasts in-house because you won’t want them to tear up servers that take hours to rebuild from scratch. When used incorrectly, “beasts” may damage and congest things like key switches and routers due to their powerful processors and intense firepower.

Beasts also come with all sorts of protection from malicious code like accidentally shared passwords and shutdowns that just happen at certain hours or days in a week for marketing purposes or outside hackers looking for weaknesses in your system.

The Beastmode website attack campaign is continuously updating its methods. There were new ways to exploit devices in the space of a month on TOTOLINK routers.

List of exploited vulnerabilities in TOTOLINK routers and how to avoid them

A vulnerability found on your website where someone could gain access to arbitrary code execution

  1. CVE-2022-26210  –  Command injection flaw for getting the arbitrary code
  2. CVE-2022-26186  – Command injection flaw to influence TOTOLINK N600R and the  A7100RU routers.
  3. CVE-2022-25075 to CVE-2022-25084 – Command injection flaw for influencing the TOTOLINK routers.

A major security flaw has been found in multiple TOTOLINK routers which could lead to code execution.

To prevent your device from being taken over by the botnet, update to the latest firmware.

Masquerades ( Hides ) as Prevention

Masqueraded IPS is an effective way to bypass the active mode of a security device. The logon server records the ports that were open and closes them as a result. The client finds another port to connect through, which also slows down the connection, leading to a long-term attack. An attacker then uses other fields such as name, location, and email address to continue building up trust. They gradually provide less information than is needed for overcoming the issue of metadata about the user when trying to acquire access credentials for services.


Beastmode DDoS can be the cause of customer service calls and the IT department’s workload. Early history has shown us that under heavy load, beasts can produce twice as much activity simultaneously in the same period. They also tend to not suffer from spikes as often so you can avoid some situations where you would have been taxed extra to keep up with traffic spikes.

A better solution than ISPs should be to use two networks, one for the internet and one for sensitive information. This would make the internet less susceptible to attack because the routing is different and it doesn’t have valuable data on it. That is why it suggests deploying NATs in between the endpoints, such as web servers and ISP customers.

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