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The act of phishing is immoral as well as illegal. If you fall prey to it, it can harm you greatly. Ensure you are...
More data makes security breaches more likely. There is a $183.18 billion marketplace for web-hosting services, and people create 1.7 megabytes of data every second.
It has been reported that the Bank of the West learned that their debit card tracking numbers and Personal Identification Numbers were jeopardized by skimmers installed in multiple ATMs. Reports show that although it seems as if Magecart attacks are less prevalent, they're still present.
ZLoader was an effective trojan that was used to distribute and activate payloads, such as ransomware.  It is a banking trojan that is an improvement from Zeus.
Cybercriminals are using Adobe files to help them avoid detection by some email gateways. By including links in these PDF files, the cybercriminal can know that if you open the PDF and click the link, you will be taken to a web page that mimics an authentic one.
With the increase in digital currency, fraud has also been on the rise. Every month, 80,000 frauds worth Rs 200 crores are committed with 50% of UPI financial frauds committed through various mechanisms like luring customers into making unauthorized payments or installing malware and scamming them into using an unauthorized app.
It's designed to help users protect against advanced hacking by protecting their data through high-security settings like locking apps, control over location settings, and the prevention of certain actions.
CPUs are exposed to cyber-attacks in several ways, through vulnerabilities in the CPU itself and through vulnerabilities in the software that runs on the CPU.
The Hertzbleed Vulnerability is a serious security flaw that was discovered in April of 2014. The flaw gets its name from the fact that it affects the "heartbeat" extension of OpenSSL, which is used to keep alive the SSL/TLS connection between two systems.
The group is believed to be made up of former members of the Russian military and intelligence services, has been linked to attacks on the Ukrainian power grid, the U.S. Democratic National Committee, and the French television network TV5Monde.