Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Attackers are using AI and ML to create more realistic and believable social engineering attacks, rapidly guess passwords, create new malwares and so on.
Sugar Ransomware is powerful ransomware that works as-a-service (RaaS) malware threat. Unlike most major ransomware, Sugar appears to be focused on infecting individual users rather than corporate targets.
UpdateAgent malware tricks its victims into imitating legitimate software, such as support agents or video games, and spreads it through infected or malicious websites.
Ransomware can be deployed on embedded systems used in real networks in form of ransomware payloads.
RINIK is an android malware that is a Trojan Virus as it pretends to be an Income tax refund application and instead steals the banking information of the user. DRINIK uses phishing techniques to attack user and persuade them to enter sensitive banking information. 
Security awareness training is an excellent way to educate the transportation industries company’s and inhibit security understanding in their minds. Any technical defense measure would be ineffective if the entire staff was not cyber-aware.  
Cloud security has become essential for businesses and governments looking to accelerate innovation and collaboration.
A cyber security audit is intended to be a thorough examination and analysis of your company’s IT infrastructure. It detects threats and vulnerabilities, revealing flaws and high-risk practices.