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They are best known for their attack on the Sony Pictures website in 2014, which resulted in the leak of several sensitive documents. The group has also been linked to hacks on the US military, the FBI, and some government websites.
Dark Web ID develops a program to detect stolen credentials and other personal information, 24/7 365 days a year and has found more than 80,000 compromised emails daily.
Cyber-attacks can cause widespread damage to computer programs that are used in various sectors, such as oil and gas, chemical manufacturing companies, electricity generation, and distribution, mining, and construction.
Government-backed Chinese hackers have been exploiting major telecommunications companies by using known security flaws in routers to gain access to their systems.
Electronic medical records (EMRs) contain sensitive information about our health and should be kept confidential. Unfortunately, both medical devices and EMRs are vulnerable to privacy breaches.
A data breach is a security incident in which data is copied, stolen, or accessed without authorization. This can happen when hackers gain access to a system, when data is accidentally leaked, or when an authorized user misuses their privileges.
The U.S. government has been conducting an operation called "CukkooBees" to investigate and prosecute intellectual property theft. The operation targeted individuals and companies who were stealing trade secrets, software code, and other sensitive information.
WasteRussianTime is a website that was created as a joke in response to the rising tensions between Russia and the United States. The site lets you make prank calls to Russian numbers, and it's pretty hilarious.
Fronton is a particularly dangerous botnet because it is very difficult to detect and remove. If you suspect that your computer has been infected with Fronton, you should contact a professional malware removal service immediately.
The new law requires all VPN providers to comply with data retention requirements set by the government. This means that VPN providers must keep track of all user activity and store it.