Toyota, who is one of the most influential automakers, has immediately stopped production in Japan. It happened as their supplier was attacked in the process. Government officials had reported that Kojima Industries were hit by the recent cyber attack.

Also, due to this act, the official website of the company remained non-operational due to the tragic incident. The attack eventually forced their administration to stop the business in Japan. The automaker also mentioned on Tuesday, that they will be starting back the production in Japan.

Supplier of Toyota Under Target

The name of the supplier was Denso, who was targeted by this ransomware attack last week. The auto parts maker described it as the latest attack that had happened within the world’s largest auto industry.

Denso spokesman Izumi Saito said on Sunday that the company “immediately responded” to this unauthorized access to its network in Germany that happened on Thursday. He claims that the current attack has did not affect Denso’s work.

Threatened for Supplier Secrets

According to national broadcaster NHK Pandora, the group that allegedly had access to Denso’s systems, previously threatened to expose the supplier’s trade secrets, including emails, invoices, and detailed diagrams, on a dark web website. Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions Inc. Denso spokesman Saito declined to comment on the cyberattack’s details.

Compensate the Loss

Toyota, which has been relatively adaptable to supply chain disruptions for the majority of the pandemic, has been looking to cover up the production compensation. The automaker’s CEO, Akio Toyoda, stated last week that the company’s production plans will have to be revised due to growing global disruptions. The automaker announced on Friday that it would reduce production in Japan by 22% in April, 11% in May, and 7% in June.

Emerging Cyber Attacks

In recent years, there has been an increase in cyber attacks in Japan. According to the National Police Agency of Japan, authorities detected 12,265 cases of cybercrime in the country last year, which is new data. The Japanese manufacturing industry is a prime target for ransomware attacks. According to third-party security experts, the alleged cyber attack demonstrates the growing importance of supply chain security.

“Both the software supply chain and the physical supply chain have consistently made headlines in recent years,” said Hank Schless, senior manager of security solutions at mobile security firm Lookout.

“Hackers have long recognized the value of targeting supply chains, and SolarWinds and Kaseya have sounded the alarm for many organizations in need of improved security hygiene and resiliency,” said Sam Curry, the chief security officer at threat intelligence firm Cybereason.

Second Toyota Attack

Another attack that happened with a Toyota Corporation, wherein a virus was suspected that was trying to make the automakers of Japan suspend the domestic production This is the second cyberattack on a Toyota supplier in as many months. Kojima Press Industry Co.’s systems were attacked, and the automaker shut down all of its Japanese plants two weeks ago. The production started the work a day later, and the incident was another setback for Toyota, which was attempting to cover up the lost production in recent months due to chip shortages and Covid-related downtime. Kojima Press Industry Co.’s stated that the virus also had threatening messages associated with it, therefore it stopped all the functions with the respective clients.

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