Help for the Victims of Cyber Crime and Online Harm

Talk to Our Cyber Safety Expert for Advice & Consultation

Consultation Includes

  • Non-judgmental and confidential expert advice.
  • Advice on how to minimize/recover the loss.
  • Advice on reporting banks & payment processors.
  • Advice on how to report & remove unwanted content.
  • Advice on how to report violations to social media.
  • Advice on reporting crime to the police.
  • Advice on stopping cyber crime incidents in future.
  • Advice on Individual Cyber Safety & Online Privacy.
  • We Cannot help anyone under the age of 18.
  • We Cannot undertake criminal investigations.
  • We Cannot perform any action on behalf of you.

Consultation Fee

20USD For Users Outside India
  • 20 Minutes of Telephonic Advice
  • Connect with Cyber Safety Professionals

About us

We are a team of highly experienced cyber security professionals, cyber investigation and forensic experts, legal experts and IT professionals. We hold years of experience in this domain and helped a huge number of cybercrime victims from the most complex situations.
You can talk to our experts on phone if facing any cyber safety issue. Our expert will understand and analyze your problem. The expert will provide you on-point consultation. Our expert will diagnose your issue and give you advice on next steps.

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Cyber Advice and Consultation

What’s Included in Our Cyber Advice and Consultation ?

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