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We advise you in all cyber security scenarios like:

You’ve been hacked


  • Unauthorised access to your online accounts – Email accounts, social media, online banking, online gaming, online shopping, virtual currency.
  • Unauthorised use of your home wifi network
  • A company you use has been hacked
  • Your SIM card unexpectedly no longer works

Someone is making you pay a ransom


  • Encrypting ransomware
  • Screen-locking ransomware
  • Webcam blackmail
  • Malicious software & infections
  • Content for ransom

You are being bullied or harassed online


  • Cyber stalking
  • Online harassment & bullying
  • Outing, Fraping, Fake profiles
  • Catfishing
  • Online grooming
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Revenge Porn

You have received malicious messages


  • Malicious emails (phishing)
  • Malicious text messages (smishing)
  • Malicious phone calls (vishing)

You are being targeted by fraud & scams


  • Card fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Online auction fraud
  • Covid-19 (corona virus) scams
  • Lost money in a scam

You have lost a device or your privacy


  • Lost device
  • Accidental information share
  • Malicious online reporting
  • Someone is spying on you

Got scammed on a phishing site. They advised to send mails to my bank & payment gateway. Got my money refunded back in my credit card.

Priyjeet Singh