Monday, December 5, 2022





The CPWD has received intelligence alerts about targeted attacks on its computers. Recently, the frequency of these alerts has increased. The Cyber-Physical Systems Security Committee is evaluating the root cause of security breaches and is seeking compliance reports.

Security agencies are receiving more alerts from government offices on possible hacking into their systems. Local CPWD offices in charge of making sure guidelines to prevent cybercrime are enforced have been notified by security agencies that they found non-compliant devices on the floor. Though the results of the investigation are being provided, they are taking an abnormally long time.

Officials are asked to follow cyber security measures issued on May 13th. Any consequences will be their responsibility. One or two times a month, the CPWD observes cybersecurity breaches. About 2,000 offices across India have employees who might not be following the rules. CERT-In is tracking these attacks.

Operations and Role of CPWD

CPWD is a government agency that builds prominent projects in Delhi, including the central secretariat buildings and a new parliament. The Central Public Works Department is being investigated for fraudulent activity. Per a police investigation, contracts are typically awarded to non-listed parties with frequency. The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) is being targeted by cyberattacks that are attempting to get sensitive information from its infected computers in different offices.

The Central Public Works Department has received concerns about cyber attacks against the CPWD by Indian agents and discussed how the number of attacks in recent months has increased. CPWD has sent all the information to regional heads for analyzing what caused these attacks, and how to restore devices to normal function. The length of time that these reports can be made is also delayed abnormally.

CPWD reminds employees to follow cyber security and that the consequences of coming late will be their responsibility. Additionally, CPWD said more such attacks are being seen at different offices. These attacks are being tracked by CERT-In which investigates cyberattacks in India.

All Time Attacks on Central Public Works Department of India

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) of India, responsible for maintaining government buildings and infrastructure, has been hit by a cyberattack. The attack was first discovered on October 28th, and it is believed that the attackers may have had access to the system since September.

So far, it is unclear what the attackers have accessed or stolen, but the breach has caused disruptions to the organization’s work. The CPWD has asked all its employees to change their passwords and is working with cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident.

In September, the Reserve Bank of India was attacked, and earlier this year, multiple banks and businesses were hit by ransomware. While the full extent of the attack is not yet known, it appears that the attackers were able to gain access to CPWD’s systems and encrypt some of its data. This has caused significant disruptions for the department, which is responsible for maintaining and repairing critical infrastructure in India. In the meantime, it has also set up a dedicated website to share information about the attack and its response with the public.

This incident highlights the importance of cybersecurity for critical infrastructure organizations. In today’s interconnected world, even organizations that may not be directly connected to the internet can be victims of cyberattacks. As we have seen with other recent attacks, such as the WannaCry ransomware attack, cyberattacks can have far-reaching consequences.

The CPWD breach highlights the need for better cybersecurity in India. And employees need to be aware of the risks and be vigilant about keeping their passwords and other sensitive information safe.