A French father was desperate to stop his kids from spending too much time on social media that he created an “internet jammer” by accident, which led to shutting down the internet for the entire town. Some parents are worried that they’re losing control of the time their children spend looking at screens. In this case, the father hoped to distract his children from plugging in constantly while allowing them to spend more time with each other by being offline. After admitting to shutting down residents’ internet connections, he has been sentenced to 15 months in jail by the government. Along with jamming his family’s internet, the man’s device also affected many other lives in the community. He was fined 30,000 euros, which also includes an ANFR investigation fee. Now a criminal case has been initiated against this father, he could be up on charges. According to the Federal Communications Commission, signal jamming devices can prevent you and others from making 911 and other distress calls.

What is a Signal Jammer?

Jammers are devices that interfere with the normal signal flow from devices such as cell phones, GPS receivers, and even radios. Generally speaking, it is difficult to detect if a cell phone or GPS signal is being jammed. When jammers are working nearby, your signal quality will be poor.

Designed for military and law enforcement use, these devices were originally designed to deal with threats such as mobile phone bombings and hostage-taking. A cell phone jammer is a device that prevents normal cell phone signal reception.

Jammers transmit in the same ranges, creating interference. Network reliability and overall call quality degrade to the point where the phone is almost unusable. Likewise, a GPS jammer is a device that emits strong radio signals at the frequencies the GPS receiver expects to receive from GPS satellites. This effectively covers the much weaker GPS signal.

How are Signal Jammers used?

While jammers have historically been primarily used for military and military purposes, they are now also widely used by civilians. They are primarily used in blocking tracking attempts, protecting personal and sensitive information, restricting the use of cell phones and other radio devices, and so on. Silencers are also used in some environments where cell phone use can be devastating, such as in a prison, library, or church.

Classifying jammers into certain categories is quite difficult. However, in general, they can be divided into 3 main types depending on the type of signal they jam:

  • Mobile jammers are capable of jamming all types of mobile signals and all frequency bands, including 3G, 4G, GSM, and CDMA.
  • A GPS jammer is a special signal jammer that can be used to block the transmission of any type of location service. However, these jammers only cover a small area and are not guaranteed to cover the entire vehicle.
  • Internet jammers block transmissions from Internet-like devices such as Wi-Fi routers. These jammers also block the Bluetooth signal. These signal jammers help prevent hacking by effectively disrupting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications.

How can signal jammers prevent hackers?

These devices can detect quiet “phone-free zones” to improve the quality of life. Many households have 1.5 devices per person and it’s hard to have a meaningful conversation with all those screens. Young parents understand that the intimacy of a family dinner is in danger of disappearing. To avoid conflict, they turn to cell phone jammers to secure “lunchtime” and help restore “cell phone discipline”.

In the workplace, organizations have realized that protecting sensitive personal and business data may require the use of Wi-Fi jammers in the office to ensure security by preventing data leakage or theft. Although their origins lie in the armed forces and the military, they are now widely used even in non-military circumstances.

Blockage of Eavesdropping- Jammers can be used to prevent spying or eavesdropping attempts. It has become quite easy for someone to hide a sound transmission device inside an object left at home or the workplace. The jammer can easily block eavesdropping attempts by blocking the bug receiver and preventing it from receiving commands from its operator.

Location Protection – Location detection can become very annoying. Often it is even inevitable. For example, if you work for a delivery service, your car almost certainly has a built-in GPS tracker.

Use of Signal Jammers

  • By transmitting noisy signals, the jammer can effectively block GPS transmission and prevent tracking by unwanted pursuers.
  • Limit cell phone activity. Jammers are commonly used to restrict cell phone use in certain areas and buildings.
  • Cell phone jammers block unwanted calls between prisoners and the outside world, helping to prevent any illegal activity.
  • By installing a signal jammer on-campus that covers almost the entire building, schools and universities can successfully resist scammers. Jammers, it turns out, are the best tool for protecting both privacy and data. With countless hackers and government spies eagerly waiting for you to make a small mistake, jammers can be the insurance plan that has your back, no matter what. The jamming device is by far the most reliable and economical solution for preventing unwanted surveillance.


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