Monday, December 5, 2022
The Internet that has made our lives so simplistic is gradually becoming a dangerous mechanism, wherein every day thousands of criminal attacks take place. From the database of the websites to the social media accounts and bank accounts,  almost everything which is available on the internet goes through hacking attacks and penetration. 
Scammers might use an account that is loaded with fake followers and likes to follow you and send you a direct message. Although influencers use Instagram to promote products or services, not all of them are honorable.
Passwords work like a lock-and-key system--with the right key coming from the right person, people can gain access to this hidden area.
ZLoader was an effective trojan that was used to distribute and activate payloads, such as ransomware.  It is a banking trojan that is an improvement from Zeus.
The fraud was perpetrated by hackers who gained access to the company's bank account and transferred the money to their accounts. The company has filed a police complaint and is investigating the matter.
Two Chennai residents were greeted with an SMS message claiming that their electricity bill was due. No one answered the number and when they called, the person on the other line asked them to pay up to 1500 to their GooglePay account.
When people are unemployed, they want to believe the next step towards their career is a work-from-home job posting Amazon ads for six-figure compensation. However, if the salary surpasses what they would expect to make in that position, it's likely a fake job scam.