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Digital awareness & security -What is it & why it’s important?




In today’s world, we have been passing through the most advanced phase of technological development. Same as this world, a parallel world has been brought into creation. “The Cyber World”. This new creation of the cyber world has been impacting our original world where we live. From gathering information to maintaining conversations; vice versa for financial transactions or for transportation; everything depends on the internet.

The Internet that has made our lives so simplistic is gradually becoming a dangerous mechanism, wherein every day thousands of criminal attacks take place. From the database of the websites to the social media accounts and bank accounts,  almost everything which is available on the internet goes through hacking attacks and penetration. 

Due to this reasoning, almost every citizen should understand the dangers of the internet and understand the ground root methods for safety.

Digital security is not only the demand of the modern world but a right of every citizen. 

Digital security is a medium through which one can protect their online identity, information, storage details, data, assets. The major risks to digital security are mainly injected through personal identification data, personal health data, or payment data. 

Digital Security and awareness is the protection of your online availability, assets, data, privacy, personal, professional life, and other related secret matters. Alongside providing the convenience, it also brings along the risks that might come along with the music purchases, website purchases, bank account credit/debit information, bill payment, or any data that has been entered into the device of any kind. There are a varied number of digital security practices that have been practiced by Online- Service or Offline- Moderators for eg, antivirus software, updated firewalls, remote monitoring software, vulnerability scanner, and more other specified factors. 

Why is digital/cyber security important to us? Why does security matter? 

Digital security and awareness matter as we consider it an alienated subject that intruders might be residing somewhere close to the internet or our devices. People are only familiar with the criminals that reside near our homes in physical forms. This is a usual thought injection, as they have never come across such unfamiliarities in the digital world or maybe they have. The increased dependability on the digital mediums to make payments, store data, entering personal details and addresses can cause a threat in certain cases. The criminals that reside online, hackers, online intruders are always hiding behind the digital coding, graphics, and sophisticated layers; in an attempt to Hi-Jack your credentials and sensitive data. All this is done with the motive to commit fraud, steal identity, or bring humiliation for a respective set of reasons.  When we are totally dependent on the internet, we need to safeguard ourselves to protect our identity, assets & privacy.


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