Elon Musk secured a 44 billion dollar deal for Twitter to go private and make it more secure. There isn’t any information about Elon Musk’s goals for the platform, but people think that maintaining trust in this scenario is important as there is the presence of open-sourced algorithms and human authentication.

Facebook and other platforms have enforced “real name” policies, which is not the case for Twitter. The CEO “Musk”, will now have access to all the data of the Twitter user”. There’s not a lot of privacy if it comes to DMs on Twitter, which is end-to-end encrypted which means that they can be accessed by whoever is in charge of this platform. This could pose a problem for users because it’s not known how long they will keep control over the service.

Elon Musk, in a filing with the SEC, said he invested in Twitter because he believes free speech is important to society.

Transformation after Buying Twitter

1. Discover Elon’s open algorithm

  • By following Mr. Musk’s Twitter account, you’ll get a curated feed of information but will have the flexibility to determine what feeds are promoted or demoted.
  • Advertisers should create more immersive content and maintain a safe environment for their users by having a more transparent algorithm with the new AI technology.

2. Social media account verification

  • Elon Musk proposes more stringent regulations for those who are anonymous.
  • For marketers, the lack of moderation means lots of content without filters which leads to the spread of fake news.
  • The consensus among industry experts and marketers is that Twitter’s lack of moderation policy can lead to a dangerous, hostile environment where misinformation thrives. No.”

3. Edit Button

  • Marketers have been waiting for the edit button. Elon Musk has so far said that he still doesn’t have a comprehensive plan on how to deliver it, but he’s found an element of the full edit button worrisome.
  • The user can remove content by the edit or wipe button press for the removal of retweets that are spread to various numbers of parties.
  • When editing tweets, some topics might need to be deleted to have the conversation shifted in a desirable direction.
  • Tweets can be used for more than just social media use and should not be brushed off when it comes to being used as a resource.
Coordination with China

The Chinese government collects and monitors private information for social control; it is presumed that Elon Musk would have access to this information if he read your DMs. Tesla, one of Elon Musk’s companies, has major business interests in China. In a Monday tweet thread, Jeff Bezos warns that Musk’s Twitter could be at odds with Beijing.

Musk stated that privacy will continue to be a privacy concern for us. This stance is unknown and it remains to be seen what his position will be on things like government requests for user data or legal demands to remove content from the platform.

Users Prefer Twitter’s Methods

In practice, users have flocked to the simplicity and ease of use offered by platforms like Twitter rather than those offered by the open ecosystem.

Recently, the company even launched its exploratory project called Project Blue Sky to make Twitter more open as a standardized platform.

The best-case scenario to “authenticate all humans” is that Twitter would require captchas to prove users are human. The worst-case scenario could be Twitter gathering personal information to confirm legal identity.

What do we view from a marketing platform?

Elon Musk is considering either adding an “edit” button to Twitter to make it more friendly or launching the option without testing it first. Doing so, however, runs a risk of honest and transparent conversations being broken, as well as the re-introduction of fake tweets. We can hypothesize that 50% of COVID conversations are bots and not human beings, meaning this introduction of an edit button would be potentially harmful.

To not have a dependence on advertisers, Twitter can generate revenue by having users subscribe. However, the problem with this idea is that the more control Twitter yields to those using it, the worse its disinformation problems will become.

Twitter’s power to influence consumer sentiment is appealing to investors. It is important to remember that, with fewer filters on Twitter, there are fewer safeguards in terms of what content can be shared. However, brands should focus on staying relevant to the audience by finding ways to communicate their services and maintaining a balance between what is meaningful for them and what will help them avoid getting their account banned.

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