There are a variety of hidden cameras and surveillance equipment all over the world. They could be for security against theft or damages, unscrupulous rivals, pranksters, or to prank someone else. By using mini-cameras and Wi-Fi, even regular people can be a spy in real life.

Mobile Tools for Finding Hidden Cams
  • Don’t Spy (Apple)
  • iAM Notified (Apple)
  • Detectify (Android)
  • Radarbot (Apple)
  • Hidden Camera Detector (Android)
How to Detect a Hidden Camera?

A visual inspection cannot fully evaluate a gear; there are chances that it might miss something. A visual inspection is better than nothing. Turn off the lights and look for anything you didn’t notice before.

  • To detect covert cameras, you can reflect the flash lighting, if you see a reflective surface, like a glass lens, it might be hiding a camera.
  • Multiple apps are designed to search for malicious software. However, they must connect to the local Wi-Fi before you can use them. If a device displayed in their list is something you aren’t sure about, use a dedicated tool to help you figure out what it is doing and if it is harmless or not.
  • Hidden spy cameras can be found in some unusual items, including malicious wires and power outlets. Before an attacker can do anything with your data, you must switch off these suspicious devices immediately.
  • Old fashioned ways of checking for hidden cameras rely on constant manual checks, and a small electromagnetic radiation detector can be used to make sure any room is safe.
  • The simplest way to find out if you are being watched is to use LEDs and attach a filter. When you direct the light to where you think the camera is located, any lens in view will appear as a bright dot. The maximum distance of such a detector typically does not exceed ten meters.
  • If you are concerned about your home being covertly filmed- pay particular attention to bathrooms, bedrooms, and the garage. Also, check smoke detectors and any household appliances that might act as hiding spots.
  • You can use your smartphone in the dark to find a device using a light. Turn off the lights, turn on your camera and flashlight, then point them over where you think the device is. If there is a glare, you found it.
Possible Spots to Find Hidden Cam
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Besides the Curtain holders
  • Beside AC
  • TV box
  • Indoor Plants
  • Inside the showpiece
  • Wall paintings
  • Loud Speakers
  • Pen or Clothing
  • Wrist Watch
  • Lockets
  • Rings
Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

1. Few Clicks do all

Take a photo of any item that might be a tracking device and do an image search to find the real one.

2. Connect the Authority

If your fears are confirmed and you’ve been the victim of hidden cameras, contact the hotel administration or booking service.

3. Safe when traveling

Protect yourself with a portable, external battery pack. You can download apps such as maps, dictionaries, and translators to help your trip go more smoothly.

4. Untrustworthy Public Space

If you’re logging in to an account or private messaging, never do it on a public computer or terminal.

5. VPN Protects

A VPN app, such as ExpressVPN, protects the data of your device and can access content not available in the country you are visiting if needed.

6. Keep whereabouts with you

Never leave your items, devices, or any piece of data, away from your eyes for too long, and preserve it as soon as possible.

Hidden Cam Overview

It’s difficult to tell, as cameras may be small and well-camouflaged. There are two types of devices for finding hidden spy cameras and other devices; lens glare, or by looking for the device when you use a flashlight to shine a light on them. Devices in the first category consist of Glint Finder which detects or glares when light from a flashlight hits the lens, and once a device is found, you can find more devices by checking areas.

Surveillance equipment companies primarily manufacture cameras with a similar plastic material that is not an everyday household item. To be able to preserve the quality of the recording or streaming video, the lens has to be made out of glass. The best way to find hidden spy equipment is to use a recognized professional with the appropriate tools. You can find these professionals easily today. If the above things are out of reach then consider hiring an expert if you are worried about staying somewhere for a while or if you’re moving in.

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