Every gamer wants the finest possible gaming experience, and no one wants to be irritated by lag. Today, we’ll look at ways to reduce ping to boost gaming performance. Ping is the time it takes for data to be transferred from your computer to the server (or another player’s computer) and back to your computer in an online video game and is measured in milliseconds.

Ping allows gamers to see how quickly their machines communicate with game servers or other online players. Players can use a ping test to discover if they’re having trouble with responsiveness while playing the game.

In the context of ping speed, the terms “low ping” and “high ping” are employed. Low ping is better in general, especially for games where time and location are crucial. Players with a high ping will experience lag, which might have an impact on the game’s outcome.

 Ping Speed During Gameplay

A ping of 40-60ms or less is considered acceptable. Beyond 100 milliseconds, there is significant lag, and over 170 milliseconds, certain games will completely refuse your connection. With sharp sights, rapid action, and no lag during gameplay, less than 20ms would be excellent for gaming.

The ping requirements, on the other hand, differ from game to game, thus it depends on whatever game you’re playing. Pings under 50ms can help you stay competitive with other players in first-person shooters (FPS) and racing games, where timing is crucial. MMOs (massively multiplayer online games): MMOs can have higher ping without being unusable, and some games can be played for up to 250 milliseconds or more.

However, for real-time player versus player (PvP) scenarios, a ping of less than 150ms is preferred. RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Games: While RTS games can be played at under 200 milliseconds, speeds of less than 150 milliseconds are considered optimum.

If you’re wondering what my ping is, I’ll tell you. The majority of online games allow you to control your ping from within the game. Look for a setting called “see performance statistics” in your game’s settings.

An in-game ping test will provide you with the most accurate evaluation of the game’s and server’s network performance. You can also use one of the many online ping test sites to check your ping. These websites locate servers near you and provide information on the average ping you might expect when playing online games.

Why is my Ping so High?

If you have the above question there are a few more questions you need to think about like what router do you have, how old is it, where is it, and is it up to date? What kind of computer do you have, has it been optimized for gaming, has it been updated, or does it require cleaning? It’s also important to maintain it high because of caches on the modem or router.

Tips to Lower and Optimize Gaming Performance 
Close Off Programmes

Numerous things fight for our computer’s attention, and one of them is running programs and applications. By forcing them to close, you can focus your device’s attention entirely on what matters: your game. Because fewer programs and apps drop off the connection, you save internet bandwidth. Zoom and Netflix are two popular shows to turn off if you’re not streaming live.

Temporarily Disable Updates

Automatic software and app updates are a terrific way to stay on top of your cybersecurity and keep your devices working at peak performance. These updates, though, may necessitate a lot of your computer’s attention. As a result, if you’re having video game latency, you might wish to disable your updates momentarily so they don’t interfere with your game. Just remember to activate them as soon as you get a day off.

Keep adapter away from cable

Consider an Ethernet cable as a drip. Because it is immediately connected to your device, it gives direct power in the form of an internet connection. You can use a Powerline adapter to connect to an Ethernet cable distant from your router, which isn’t the most convenient approach to reduce ping because the Ethernet wire may be far from your gaming setup.

Use of Ethernet cable

An Ethernet cable, on the other hand, frequently delivers a more steady Internet connection than Wi-Fi, which is used by a large number of users and devices. If Wi-Fi is your sole option, make sure it’s a 5GHz network rather than a 2.4GHz network.

Our connected devices compete for our Wi-Fi in the same way that programs and apps battle for our devices’ attention. Our routers have a lot to do with the internet’s progress. Smart TVs, PCs, smartphones, smartwatches, and even our wireless gaming headsets are all examples.

Try relocating the device closer to the router or connecting a computer or console directly to the router with an ethernet connection. Due to encryption and serving several devices at the same time, wireless links suffer from packet loss. You can get a better and faster connection by using an Ethernet cable.

Let’s have a look at some of the small things you can do to reduce your ping and improve your gaming performance:

Overloaded WiFi

When you increase the number of internet connectivity by the number of individuals that live in the same house, your internet connection may become overburdened. Consider unplugging other devices or even people from your network if you’re having lag in video games. Shut down any background apps or processes. Some of these applications may consume memory or initiate processes that require Internet access, causing the game to slow down. The greater the ping, the more devices you have connected and actively using the Internet connection.

Lack of proper game server

It’s not always your fault, nor is it always your high-ping internet connection; it could be the low-ping server of the game you’re playing.

You can check the game server’s IP address or go to a website that lists famous video games if you know it. If your game server’s ping is high, this may be why your ping is high even when you’re gaming.

Accurately Connected 

Examine the cables between the router and the wall box. Check to see if they’re all connected – cable connections might loosen over time and need to be tightened.

Lessen the Distance

Another factor to consider is the physical distance between your device and the game server. The greater your ping, the further away you are and the longer they take for maintaining connection. Consider how quickly you can converse with the person next to you versus someone in another country. The good news is that certain games let you select which gaming server your device communicates with. Always choose the player server nearest to your physical location if this pertains to your game.

Full HD – Good to go

At the moment, the game’s aesthetics are simply stunning. However, the higher the quality of the photographs (think HD quality rather than standards), the more power your device will use to calculate them. If your ping is too high, you may need to adjust your game settings, starting with the frame rate. It’s worth noting that the better the game’s animation is, the higher the frame rate.

Upgraded Router and System

The truth is that hardware, like routers that keep our internet connection running, wears out over time, which affects video game latency. Try the age of your router and, if the rest of the troubleshooting methods and advice fail, consider upgrading it. For your wireless connection, newer gadgets should deliver the most up-to-date, longest-range, and strongest signal.

Gamers that are serious about their gaming may want to consider a gaming router, which is designed specifically for gaming. Some of them have a quality of service function, which implies that game traffic will be prioritized over other internet traffic.

If you can’t figure out how to fix the lag in your video game, it’s time to call in the experts. To lower ping, contact your ISP for more troubleshooting ideas. While people play video games for a variety of reasons, some as a form of entertainment, and others to win the competition, no gamer wants to fall behind, and every gamer wants to narrow the gap.

Gamers that are serious about their gaming may want to consider investing in a gaming router, which is specifically intended for gaming. Some of them have a quality of service feature, which means that game traffic takes precedence over regular internet traffic.



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