Cyberbullying can be defined as the use of the Internet or other electronic forms of communication to persistently tease, threaten, harass, or intimidate someone else by sending messages for no legitimate purpose. This is a serious issue and has become the approach much used to inflict emotional pain and create a feeling of powerlessness in their victims.

Cyberbullying isn’t just a part of video games for the players, it can be a major concern for parents, too. Whether it’s online or offline bullying, there’s never a good time for children to be victimized and threatened by other people using obscene or insulting language as well as sending aggressive messages. This article will help provide you with the tips that are needed to make the experience worth more than a simple walkthrough.

Prevention Methods

Bullying has become synonymous with social disparity, and many people don’t realize that cyberbullying can be every bit as damaging as face-to-face bullying. Cyberbullying is not only happening on Facebook or at school, it’s also in video games, so join the community of gamers dedicated to preventing cyberbullying while playing multiplayer games.

  • To avoid it you must be vigilant in your actions and conversations, but also know at what point when words go past friendly chat into the realm of harassment or threats.
  • For many people, engaging in multiplayer gaming is a great way to de-stress and have a good time. In multiplayer games, people often use offensive language. Though not all trash talk is bullying, if it includes personal attacks or content to create feelings of exclusion, ridicule, or inferiority in the person being targeted then it qualifies as cyberbullying.
How Mobs in Online Games Can be Linked With Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can be linked to gaming events called “mobs.” This type of bullying in games could be done by producing continuous comments or making indecent photoshops. Players are encouraged to observe the game to catch cyberbullying before it becomes a vicious cycle. The best approach is if players prevent the event from even occurring.

How to Set up Parental Control on Your Gaming Device

Staying safe in the virtual world can be as easy as clicking a mouse with parental controls. If you are a parent of a child who likes to play video games, you will want to set up parental controls on their gaming. You can limit how much time your child can spend playing, set rating restrictions for certain games, and block inappropriate websites. It is also suggested that your child only plays games on an online gaming system with verified players and moderators to ensure they are staying safe while they game.

Use Parental Controls
  1. One of the ways to stop cyberbullying in online games is to know your console’s parental controls. Some children have their account connected to a parent’s bank card so that it automatically locks down if there is an ATM withdrawal that exceeds the amount allowed by the account regularly.
  2. Parents can put software on computers and mobile devices, like iPhones. This software will block the internet browser and websites that have harmful content. An alternative is to set parental controls on the computer themselves, this generally involves logging into a website to change certain features of the computer. Windows has four levels of security: Edit, Moderate, Strict, and Administrator level. The more strict control that is set up will do a better job serving its purpose since it is harder for kids to get around restrictions when they are first starting in life with internet access.

There are many types of digital bullying. The types range from harassment, which can be severe or mild, to slut-shaming which is a verbal attack on someone because of her sexual history. The attacker doesn’t have to know the victim in person for this offense and could hide their identity for multiple reasons depending on the severity of the situation. Parental controls enable parents and guardians to block certain users that they wouldn’t want their children looking at or interacting with on social media sites. Parental controls are pre-installed by default, if not you can easily pull up settings and adjust them with your children in mind.

If there is access to a variety of portable devices it may not be possible to monitor what they are doing 24/7. However, using parental controls you can restrict some features on their networking devices and can make restrictions based on a specific day or what topic they are viewing in search engines.

Why Don’t People Take Cyberbullying Seriously?

When people hear the word “cyberbullying” they often assume that it only happens in person. Online, cyberbullying takes on many more forms than just not being invited to a party or having a message defaced on a website. For example, dishonesty and degrading behavior can be confusing and hurtful to victims.

What is the Impact of Cyberbullying?

Concern about online gaming’s capacity for cyberbullying has been around for decades. Comparatively speaking, “virtual” bullying is more dangerous than traditional bullying because deep personal information can be shared in seconds.


Hopefully, now you have a better general understanding of cyberbullying, its effects on people, and what you can do to prevent it. Rather than sitting and overthinking about the unethical behavior of the bully, give them back with the first step which tells us to report the matter. Don’t confront them directly, because that might result in a conflict. Instead, tell someone else about it who will know what to do.

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How To Deal With Cyberbullying?

The issue of cyberbullying is a severe one, but there are strategies available to combat it. Bystanders can play a part in the preventative process by intervening when they see cyberbullying taking place. By working together, we can make the internet a friendlier and less dangerous environment for people of all ages and backgrounds.