Identity theft has over the years become one of the most serious concern for the public. Identity theft is a type of crime where the personal information of an individual is under the threat. For e.g., stealing the personal information of a personal to commit financial crimes or to damage someone’s reputation. These types of crimes can happen with any person in the form of stealing credit card information, bank account details, accessing passwords to their social media account etc.  Identity theft protection is for keeping the track of a person’s credit reports, transactions and technological activities. All this is done, while also maintaining certain privacy along with keeping note of auspicious information from leaking out. This type of threat is very crucial as it can happen from any technological source. Someone can take lost hard drives, access discarded computers, and hack the computer through IP address or so.

There are varied forms of thefts that are mentioned down below:

1.            Medical thefts – These thefts are done so as to gain some medical benefits on the name of your medical insurance. This is done to obtain free medical care with your insurance benefits.

2.            Synthetic identity thefts- These thefts are done to create fake or fraudulent accounts for purchasing, stealing money through your bank or credit information.

3.            Criminal identity thefts- These thefts are done to escape from a jail custody, avoid a conviction or to escape from a warrant filed on the criminal.

4.            Tax identity thefts – These thefts are done to get the advantage by filing a federal tax return on your name.

5. Child identity thefts- These thefts are done very cleverly as children never have any proper identification that will create issues for the perpetrator. This type of theft is done to get some type of loan, place on rent, buying a property illegally.