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Tor is an encrypted connection routed to cause all traffic to be anonymous. The quickest way to access Tor is by downloading the Tor Browser. It is free and can be used via any usual browser, in private/incognito mode.

All your traffic is so routed as to not broadcast your location or identity. The official Tor Browser download only goes to the website, to protect against downloading unknown software that could harm your device. You cannot use the Tor browser on iOS.

How to stay secure on a Dark Web site

Tor users can be easily detected on the internet. It cannot protect you 100%. For private Tor browsing, use either a VPN or an exit node not visible to the public.

Instead, what they will see is that you are connecting to an encrypted tunnel on their VPN server.

Tor is a non-profit service that helps you be safe on the Internet by blocking your location. With Tor, you can access the dark web, and websites called “Tor hidden services” are different than others. The web is not just known as the web; it also has a counterpart, called the dark web. It can be accessed with a special browser, available through TOR. It’s hard to find these onion websites, but fortunately, there’s a website that helps you locate them called Tor. Link Few search engines do index the dark net, they are not evil, Ahmia, Candle, and Torch. There is also a directory such as dark.

Read about ways to access the Dark Web

Always verify an onion URL to make sure it is legitimate. If you don’t have a friend you can convince, use more than one source to verify the URL. When you access the dark web, you’ll find issues with scams and phishing sites. Try the deep web subreddit, onion subreddit, and the Tor subreddit.

How to achieve anonymity

Make sure to take precautions while browsing dark websites. Tor, in particular, will often shield your activity from law enforcement agencies as it can be difficult for them to know what is going on through the network. However, like any system which allows you to conceal your location or identity, it does not come without its drawbacks.

Dark Web only through a VPN

Would you like to know about the deep web?

You can find it with search engines or special tools with names like “specialized search engines” and “directories.” It can be hard to find data on the deep web, but wikis can help you dig for it.

Most of this is not so relevant, and therefore only a minority will find it relevant. This information could be hidden in databases, as Google might not have been interested or given permission to crawl. There are only a few good general deep web search engines, for example, Alltheweb and DeeperWeb. Google, Bing, and Yahoo have acquired the rest of them. Dogpile is a search engine that scans other search engines and removes duplicates to give unique results. Sometimes it is better to research further by using a specialized search engine rather than a general one.

Users can encrypt all traffic when connected to the internet with a VPN service, and then route it through a server user. Using a VPN in combination with Tor can help add more anonymity to the user’s browsing experience by hiding their IP address so that it appears to be someone else’s. The majority of VPNs are found to be loophole-free, while Tor has multiple major vulnerabilities. Tor can be used with a VPN to create an added layer of protection.

Let’s discuss how this combination works. Your ISP won’t know you’re on Tor, as it will only see encrypted VPN traffic. You can also access .onion websites normally when using this method. Tor over VPN is a great option, but you need to make sure that your VPN service is trustworthy. NordVPN plugs you into the Tor network through their specialized servers. You don’t need to use the Tor Browser, but keep in mind that other browsers may pass identifying information through the web.

Neither of these services scores highly for speeds, but with this setup, the order of the tools is switched. Your internet traffic first passes through Tor Network before the VPN service, meaning your IP address isn’t visible to the VPN provider. Installing Tor is usually not a worry, but using Tor and a VPN could be. It’s important to use a Bitcoin-based VPN when paying with Bitcoin, and not to leave logs behind. An end-to-end timing attack is possible in this instance, but it would take an incredible amount of time.

Learn how I2P can be used safely to access the Dark Web

I2P does not have the same reach as Tor because it cannot be used to access public websites due to being separate from Tor. However, I2P’s hidden sites are also available, called “websites”. I2P is faster and more reliable than Tor and is more advanced than Tor in the ways it routes data. I2P cannot be a destination if you want to hide your traffic, but it can be used as one-way software to protect your internet traffic. I2P requires more setup on the user’s end. They have to install the software and then configure it through a router console and specific software.

What is Freenet and how does it work?

Freenet is a platform that allows people to anonymously share information, likes documents, or videos. Unlike I2P and Tor, Freenet does not require installing software on one’s device to access its content. Freenet has two modes: darknet and opennet. This creates closed networks made of people who you know and trust. Users have 2 options, darknet, and opennet. Opennet is the more decentralized way of networking. It uses centralized servers in addition to a peer-to-peer network.

Tor over VPN requires you to trust your VPN provider but not your ISP, while VPN over Tor requires trusting your ISP but not the VPN provider. Both are more secure than using Tor without a VPN. Tor slows down traffic significantly, so a VPN is necessary. IPVanish uses strong encryption and doesn’t slow down, so it’s the best option out there.