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Discord is a social media connected to games, like Fortnite. Cybercriminals often create malware that spreads undetected on this service. Discord is being targeted by malware that hijacks passwords, and exfiltrates information. The most widely used applications have been found to contain game-cheating tools that allow a player to crash all other players in the game. However, we also found harmless pranking apps that had little to no effect on those they are being pranked against.

Discord Virus is used to identify malware programs found in the Discord app or those distributed through the app. The virus can search for new devices to infect and transfer harmful files. It can also connect to a victim’s device to do hours of data extraction and manipulation.

A Discord virus is malware that can attach itself to your computer when you use the platform. The most common hack to the Discord application is a malicious code inserted into the client files. Once the files are downloaded, a person unknowingly executes the malware which can contain dangerous codes that harm their computer.

Hackers have been using the Discord app to launch several malware attacks since 2021. Keep on reading for more security tips that you can use to prevent these types of scary intrusions. Discord’s most common type of malware is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT).

●    RAT

Hackers usually spread them by sending links. The platform that enables a connection between two or more people can also be used to host malware and control the devices of unsuspecting victims. Malware often makes use of legitimate services such as HTTPS.

Through the course of our research, we found that malware operators have been using text-based and voice-based Discord to connect with their malicious downloads. The popularity of the gaming application has not gone unnoticed by those wishing harm to users.

●    Discord’s CDN

Discord’s CDN can be exploited to host malware since it is an easy way to store and distribute files. The API enables the development of new ways to interact with Discord, but on the flip side can also allow malware access. Here’s what a small portion of the malware files hosted on Discord’s CDN look like. The red entries are those identified as being malicious.

However, the malware with the greatest percentage focus on personal and credential theft and stealer malware. The threat actors use social engineering to spread these types of malware to gain personal and credential information from the victims. They then use their harvested Discord credentials to target additional users to steal personal and credential information from them.

In addition, we found multiple forms of ransomware hosted on the Discord CDN. This software is mostly old and not functional anymore as there’s no way to pay the ransom. Our reports also reveal that there is a range of Android malware packages on file-sharing platforms including spyware and fake apps that steal financial information or transactions.

Why malware exploits Discord

Discord, like any other social platform or gaming service, has been subjected to abuse. However, this number has been growing and the abuse has been becoming more severe recently. Discord’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) has recently defended 9,500 unique URLs that were hosting malware. 17,000 websites were found to be malware links in Discord’s CDN and they are still active. It’s easier than ever for malware operators to use the Discord network for persistent, global distribution through a messaging API.

Discord’s loose anonymity and open chat environments have allowed scammers and malware operators to spread malicious code. And some users are using Discord with the intention of harm. Discord is not the only platform being used by malware distributors and scammers, and they are responsive to remove requests. However, Discord users should be vigilant of malicious content on their service, while defenders should never consider cloud services as safe based on the legitimacy of the service itself.

With the latest data, we were able to find that Discord’s CDN had many unique malware samples and archive files. However, since Discord removed some of these files, it does not represent the entire corpus of malware. The majority of malware files have been removed by Discord, but new malware is continuing to be posted into the CDN and we are still finding malware using it as a command center.

Like all malware, viruses that exploit Discord thrive on the web. You can get infected by them through malicious links, downloads, ads, phishing emails, or instant messages. Check out the below-mentioned security measures to find out how to mitigate these risks. To solve this problem, you need to uninstall the software and install it again from a trustworthy source. The tricky thing about malware is that it is often not detected by scanners.

Discord Chat is Full of Malware

Discord is a messaging service for gamers to use with each other. Discord creates revenue from its premium features, including boosting its server’s live streaming and voice chat, which groups can pay for. But the basic software is free. With it, you can access the Discord API (application programming interface). You can also engage with third-party apps that let you post to server channels, or provide features like games, and more. One of the least harmful programs is a spoof, and it will fill the screen with taunting messages. You are informed that this program is not actually “cracking” software, but instead just a prank.

Files are uploaded into messages or chats and can be accessed by anyone. The Discord Chat is scalable and resistant to attacks. It has a file feature that allows files to be uploaded indefinitely, which can be abused by malicious actors. Discord isn’t effective at combating the spread of malicious content because many types of malware slip by despite the alerts. Misbehaving users can burn their accounts and create a new one if they’re caught. But Discord doesn’t always know who’s misusing their product and doesn’t have a way to report abuse when it happens outside of the Discord community.

Malware increasingly targets gamers on Discord

Hackers are targeting gamers through deceiving game files, and many of these files are malicious. Some are cheats, others are hacks of credential theft. As Discord is a popular app, a significant percentage of hackers target it. Building a token logger is not time-consuming. This code has been used in social engineering campaigns where a user is asked to test the game. The “game” is a compiled Python script that communicates with the server in the same way as the proof of concept does.

Why hackers are increasingly targeting discord to advance their agenda

The danger of credential theft is that stolen credentials can be used in social engineering to steal other passwords. A token logger fills in gaps by collecting machine fingerprint data and trying to scrape any other cookies or tokens on the target’s machine.

How a virus is spreading itself through the chat app MosaicLoader

MosaicLoader is a new malware that often mimics legitimate software while simultaneously infecting the system with several malware strains. The researchers confirm that MosaicLoader is a link to a pirated program, and it steals cookies from “sites such as Facebook”. This makes account takeovers easy for malicious parties.

Cybercriminals can log your keystrokes, which are then sent to people who can do more damage. By analyzing keystrokes, criminals can work out bank login details, eCommerce accounts, and other personal information. Discord offers tips to stay protected against hacking and spam when using their service. For internet security, do the same smart practices you would use for Discord and anywhere else online to reduce the risks of viruses.

How might you be affected by malicious bots on Discord?

One example is that they can assign roles, send welcome messages, and do other useful, helpful automated tasks. This danger of malware infection can affect your device and others’. When selecting one, make sure the bot is reliable, so as not to infect your device with malware.

A user can edit their JavaScript files on Discord to make it easier for someone to add malicious code without authorization. This attack is difficult to detect since it can be hidden in malicious code. However, if you are updating the Discord client, and it detects that someone modified the files while they were downloading, it will warn the user and ask whether to continue running the client. You can check your files manually for suspicious additions if you’re worried about a possible attack.

Some of the many ways malware spreads through Discord: Discord is also a source of malware and doesn’t always ensure users are safe.

With Discord, you can upload any file and share it with the world. Even if the person deletes their account or changes the file on Discord, it will still save that file in your storage. Phishing links, bait and switch ads, and other social engineering tactics can be found on these sites.