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Matrimonial Fraud




Are You Finding Your Partner Online?  

Be Alert! Always! 

Online matrimony sites have become a popular technique of finding a good mate since the introduction of digital technology. Matrimonial websites give a straightforward and user-friendly interface for young people and their parents to find and select a suitable match. When it comes to matrimonial sites in India, many people are hesitant to enter that situation because they are worried about being defrauded. One mistake might cost you your entire life. There are still a lot of checks and security procedures in place for internet sites. However, before proceeding further with matrimonial sites in India, you should double-check the profiles. 

Stick at Verified Sites 

Untrustworthy websites might lead to fraud. Choose recognized matrimonial websites: Before registering on a matrimonial website, make sure to examine the website’s validity and ratings. To learn about trustworthy websites, talk to your friends and relatives. If at all feasible, speak with persons who may have met their lifemates through online matrimonial sites. 

Always Use New Email ID  

For matrimonial websites, create a new email address. For registering on matrimony websites, creating a new email address is a must. Use email as a primary mode of communication and do not post personal information on matrimonial websites, such as your photo, phone number, or home address. 

Background Checking – A Must 

Always conduct a background check on a potential match. Conduct a complete background check on the individual. To learn more about a potential match, try contacting his or her job, family, friends, relatives, neighbors, or associates. 

Inform Your Family 

Share information about the potential match with your family as often as possible. Your family should be aware of whatever information you share with a potential match located on a matrimonial website if any. 

Meet Publicly 

Always meet in a public location. You should always meet your potential match in a public area since you never know what kind of person he or she is. Also, make sure your family and friends are aware of the meeting.  

Ask a lot of inquiries 

 Ask appropriate inquiries while communicating with someone on a matrimonial website to get to know the person better and uncover anything unusual on his or her behalf. Avoid talking to a person who pressures you to provide personal details while speaking on a matrimonial website. Always be cautious about revealing personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and addresses until you are certain and have done a comprehensive background check. 

Don’t Share Personal Pictures 

Never share your pictures while conversing with someone you’ve met through a matrimonial service. Don’t disclose any sensitive personal photos. The potential fraudster could use these images to blackmail and defraud you. These photographs could also be exposed on the internet. 

Never give money 

Don’t send money or provide financial assistance to the potential match. When someone asks you for money for no apparent reason, you should be careful and avoid any further contact with them without conducting background checks. 

Go slowly and steadily 

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime decision, and you cannot afford to take chances. As a result, if you want to win this life race, you must take things slowly. If you feel the other person is pressuring you to move things along quickly, be firm and take a step back. 

Exercise caution with ‘NRI’ profiles 

When dealing with ‘NRI’ profiles on matrimonial services, always be cautious. Only commit to marriage after meeting the prospective match’s parents/ relatives in person and authenticating any documents relating to their address and employment in another country. 

Trust your instincts 

Whether you believe it or not, your intuition can tell you whether things are going well or not. If you feel comfortable seeing them after speaking online and over the phone for a while, go for it. Set up a meeting at a restaurant or a coffee shop, even if you trust them. It is always preferable to remain vigilant than to come to regret afterward. It may take some time to meet the person you’ve been waiting for. But don’t get into any kind of trap just because things aren’t going your way. 

Do Not Get Too Personal  

If the individual attempts to get too intimate, be cautious. It is not necessary to reveal any personal information about the person when you first meet him or her. If the person begins to inquire about your personal life or future ambitions, you must avoid the situation. If you receive an invitation to a meeting at the person’s home then declining the request is a wise move. 

How do you spot scammers on matrimonial websites? 

If you are about to confront such a problem, keep the following points in mind: 

  • If a person is hesitant to participate in video chat or meet in person. He or she could be a con artist, as the profile photo on a matrimonial website may not be of him or her. 
  • In just a few minutes, a fraudster might demonstrate his or her affection. Fraudsters generally call from a variety of phone numbers. He or she normally does not leave a phone number for you to call back. Even if he or she provides a phone number, they do not answer when you call. Later he or she may phone you from a different phone number. 
  • If someone asks about your financial situation at the start of a conversation. 
  • A fraudster might not have a social media page or have a small number of friends. 

Alert! Your one blunder could cost you your life. We’ve all heard about online matrimonial scams. Even after the online platforms have implemented many checks and security procedures. You, as a consumer, must be proactive and take on the obligation of double-checking the profiles before proceeding. 


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