The outing is arguably amongst the most dangerous form of cyberbullying. Herein bully public, private information of the victim, including private messages and photos, by posting online. You might be familiar with the bully and the impact of confidential information being shared online

Approaches to Deal with Cyber Bullying


1. Ask the perpetrator to remove the content 

Approach the person who shares your private news and requests them to remove it from the places they’ve shared that online. Consider taking help from an individual parent if your perpetrator is a teenager.

2. Keep a copy of the evidence.

It is pertinent to keep a copy of the shared information. To get this job done, you can either take a screenshot or save the message on a physical storage device. Additionally, you have a shred of evidence by holding the message while reporting a crime to the cyberbullying expert.

3. Contact the platform bully used to share the information.

If your perpetrator used social media platforms to share the information, you can approach the company directly and request them to remove the message from their website. Luckily, all social networking sites have an in-built reporting process that you can follow.

4. Stay away from monitoring the content and resulting comments.

Although your information is available online, we strongly recommend you stay away from monitoring content and resulting feedback. Because monitoring content and feedback will cause more emotional distress, you end up taking some unwise step.

5. Your information is no longer private.

You will likely face much hardship in dealing with the bully because he has shared all your private information. Consider taking help from law enforcement agencies because they have a dedicated team for it.

What If You Become a Victim to Bully?


  • Don’t hold yourself responsible for it.

Keep in mind that you don’t deserve to be a victim of bullying. Somebody who has been repeatedly cruel to you is the result of a bully personal issue.

  • Consider taking help

In the case of a bully, behaviour is hurting you or causing emotional distress. Don’t forget to keep a backup. Look around your surroundings for someone who can solve your problem, help you minimize the repercussions of an outing, and take some corrective measures.

  • Avoid retaliating

Sometimes, the perpetrator expects a harsh response from your end because they think it gives them complete control over your emotional behaviour, and you can’t let them win. If you retaliate, you’ll encourage the bully to share your information on more mediums.

The best approach to deal with outing is to set yourself apart from the situation. If you can’t do this, your emotional distress will cause severe harm to you.

  • Ask the person to give up. 

If you are comfortable in talking with the bully, ask him/her to give up sharing your private information immediately. Furthermore, you can also invite him for reconciliation. However, before you decide, take a firm determination that you won’t waste your precious time on this treatment anymore.

Moreover, before asking the bully to give up malpractice, consult with your friend or someone you trust.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’]https://staging-defpr.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/24095401/expert-image-300×300.png[/author_image] [author_info]Author Name: Shan Rizvi (Cyber Security Researcher) [/author_info] [/author]


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