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Twitter’s New Privacy Policy




Twitter’s New Policy Add-On Changes 

Over the last few months, Twitter has introduced several new features and services. In a new update, the Twitter platform announces changes to its privacy policy. As previously stated, the changes concern Twitter Spaces, Twitter Blue, payments, and other services. The new terms of policy will start their effect till 19th August 2021. 


Will Go Live On 19th August 

 In Twitter app, you will get a message for accepting the privacy policy. The upgrade, which is set to go live on August 19, will effectively clarify some of twitter’s new offerings as well as the data it collects from users. 

“Our Privacy Policy now gives additional specifics about participating in or hosting a Space for your data,” says one of the modifications for Twitter’s social Twitter Spaces. 

Your Details will be Reviewed 

 Twitter can also check your details and personal information to run their services effectively like an audio that is shared, checking the video content, etc. Also, it includes our tweets, retweet and other varied features. It is all now under the public eye.  

Now, another claim has been made, which says “twitter will analyze the information and details for regulating the services”. Also, it will be taking into account, the people we follow, audience that follows you, your liked tweets, retweet; All this will be visible to the public on Twitter. 

Twitters Premium Service 

Twitter Blue subscription service, is now accessible in Canada and Australia. This is Twitter’s first premium subscription service, aimed at the most enthusiastic and engaged Twitter users. Subscribers get access to special features and quality customer service for a monthly price.”  

No Selling to Third Parties 

In addition, this social media platform is updating details for a few of its new payment options. In the Twitter update, you will see the autoplay video settings operating process, information, details that are shared and the third parties involvement in it. We’ve explained how we protect your data when it’s transferred outside of the nation where you live in our amended Privacy Policy “. This statement was stated by the firm in one of the blog post.  

Collects Personal Information (IP,address, Device Info) 

Considering the implementation of the new policy, Twitter will collect personal information, such as the type of device you’re using, IP address etc. ” Twitter page also mentioned, that we are taking these details for the keeping the users account safe and showcasing more appropriate tweets, audiences that they follow etc.  

More information from Twitter’s Space section will be shared. It may now use data from Spaces to generate audio transcriptions and check for any Twitter Rules breaches. It just changed the way videos on Twitter autoplay, including videos from third-party partners. It said, “When you watch or engage with content from these partners, they may receive and process data as specified in their privacy policies.” 

User Controls “How Twitter Controls the User” 

It’s like saying that a person gets to enjoy their freedom but with norms and conditions. Let’s see, what’s there to this story. Users will, however, be able to control their data through settings. “We may receive information about your transaction, such as when it was made or when a subscription is set to expire or auto-renew,” it continued, “if you make a payment or send money using Twitter products or services, including through an intermediary” . Now that is like a point which has a validation to it but more info can be discovered to see its core aim.  

Twitter and Government Battle 

The battle between Twitter and the government appears to be concluding. In the last few days, the company has added new products and services. In addition, the corporation has changed its terms of service and privacy policy significantly. These adjustments will take effect on August 19th. Twitter has revealed updates to their privacy policies. 



Twitter Spaces, Twitter Blue, and Payments are among the new products and services that the company has introduced. The first aspect of the new privacy policy is Twitter Spaces, which allows users to have audio discussions with one another. It may be seen whether the privacy policy is being broken in this way. 

Twitter Blue 

Another privacy change is Twitter Blue. This is the company’s first premium subscription, and it’s only available in Canada and Australia right now. According to the corporation, it can obtain complete information regarding transactions made on or through Twitter. This data may be linked to payment details or automatic renewal once the deadline has passed. 

Disable Auto-Play Feature  

Apart from that, Twitter stated that the auto play video feature is largely tied to third parties. Now when users use it, third parties can get and use information according to Twitter’s rules. This feature can easily be disabled by going to Settings. 

The goal of Twitter is to facilitate global communication growth but ethically and within pre-conditions. Violence, abuse, and other forms of harassment inhibit people from expressing themselves, lowering the value of global public discourse. The guidelines are in place to guarantee that everyone can freely and safely participate in the public debate. While the war of “What should be allowed or Not” is pre-dominantly relates to the ownership of the platform and the government regulation. Not to forget the ethical means but the Twitter conditions still overtakes the benefit of doubt. As the user holds the power, to either be a user or not, for the Twitter.  


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