Saturday, October 1, 2022





Google has released an emergency patch for a security issue in Chrome that is being exploited by malicious elements. It has released an Urgent Chrome update to patch a security vulnerability.

On April 13, 2022, Clément Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group reported this vulnerability which they describe as a case of type confusion in the V8 JavaScript engine. The bug is classified as high-severity with CVE-2022-1364.

These types of developments may lead to arbitrary code being executed and in this case, it appears to be that as well. Google didn’t release details, as companies do when they want updates to be rolled out to the majority of users and devices first. The release of information could create exploits by malicious sources.

Released Three Updates

Google released three updates for Chrome, their web browser, which included zero-days that are not yet fixed. It is unknown how much other browsers may be affected by the issues and if they will also need a fix soon.

Chrome users are encouraged to download the latest software to protect themselves against attacks that target a 0-day vulnerability. Users who use other Chrome-based browsers should also check for updates regularly to make sure their browsers get patched.

Vulnerability Detection

They know about the flaw, it’s been exploited by their knowledge. A vulnerability was found in the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine which causes system crashes if certain scripts are not executed. Cybercriminals can exploit this weakness to gain control of an operating system and execute malicious code.

Clément Lecigne reported it to the Chrome team and also said that Google has seen this bug being exploited in the wild, but they have been mum about any potential attacks. In its security advisory, Google admits that it will not share information about the bug until most users are updated with a fix.

Chrome Update: Now What?

Google Chrome will now have faster loading times and improved battery performance with the recent update. Due to the severity of this vulnerability, users should update chrome immediately.

To do so, go to the Chrome menu, head to Help, and click on About Google Chrome. From here, they’ll be able to manually install the update themselves as opposed to waiting for Google to roll it out. You can automatically update Chrome with a setting on the settings page. This is the third vulnerability discovered and patched in Chrome this year.