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Webcam Blackmail – Threat & Demand




Webcam Blackmail usually involves being entrapped by some stranger, which in most cases could be your internet-based girlfriend or boyfriend who will then ask you to remove some part or all of your cloth in front of the webcam. After the video recording, they will ask you to pay a substantial amount unless your video becomes public. Doesn’t it sound too much embarrassing to you? Sometimes, the victim performs intimate acts by himself.  

Increasing Demands 

There is no guarantee that once you fulfill the blackmailer demand, there won’t be any further demand, or the criminal will keep his words of not posting the video. The consequences could be disastrously ranging from embarrassment to humiliation, even in extreme cases; the victim committed suicide. 

 No Age-Bar 

Anyone who uses the internet, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and dating sites are prone to this crime regardless of his/her age, geographical location, or sexual orientation. Because Webcam blackmailers are operating from abroad and employ multiple layers of Ip protection, so it is practically impossible to trace them.  

Risks Associated with Webcam Blackmailing 

  • You establish a relationship with some stranger, and once he/she becomes your acquaintance, he/she will ask you to put off your cloth and perform sexual acts on your webcam. Your cyber boy or girlfriend might be a member of webcam blackmailers or working as an individual.  
  • You become entirely nude in front of a webcam as a dare ‘nomination’ with friends. With this act, you create a room for blackmailers, specifically if the video falls into the hand of nefarious actors.  
  • You could receive a ransom call, and if you refuse to pay them, blackmailers will twist you and report you to the law enforcement agencies. Since they have user erotic video, they can use that as evidence to put allegation on you like a sexual offense against children or illicit relationships.  

How to Avoid Webcam Blackmail?  

  • Do not let anyone lure you into a compromising situation, such as removing your clothes or performing sexual intimacy acts. Bear in mind that your video could become public.  
  • Never forget that whatever goes online will stay online.  
  • Do not invite or accept invitations from strangers on social networking sites. Stay away from all those friends whose identity is obscure. Like in real life, you avoid friendship with everyone, apply the same ethics to the online world.  
  • Update the privacy settings of your social networking sites so only your acquaintances can view your social media profile  
  • Stay away from mentioning your sensitive, private, or confidential information in your social media profile.  
  • If you are accustomed to using online dating sites, limit yourself to only those sites that allow you to email your dating partners, utilizing a service that camouflages both the sender and the respective recipient’s emails.  
  • Moreover, to use dating sites, make your separate email account that doesn’t include your actual name. It’s a straightforward and quick-to-do process using email service providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.  
  • Do not let nuisances and cybercriminals approach you. If they do not give up their malpractices, report them to the concerned authorities.  
  • If you become prey to this scam, don’t ever fulfill the blackmailer’s demand, but instead report the issue to the police or concerned authorities so they’ll talk to the social networking sites.  


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