This course is a step-by-step beginner’s guide to permanently removing hackers, identity thieves, and cybercriminals from your life. 

Yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality. 

You may have a chit-chat with somebody on the opposite facet of the world, send and receive cash. Unfortunately, identical technology that permits us to fancy all of this accrued freedom and convenience also exposes us to new security issues. Malware that infects your laptop and tracks everything you do. Additionally, as phishing scams that steal millions of people’s personal information—the digital world may be a criminal playground today. It is the method of stealing money or perhaps taking someone’s complete identity. “Why would anyone need to steal my information? “It speeds up the process of stealing money or perhaps taking someone’s complete identity. 

They believe, “Why would anyone want to steal my information?” Many people ignore taking precautions to safeguard themselves online. For instance, if you have any money, there are plenty of tech-savvy crooks out there waiting for the chance to steal it from you. 

Why is security important, and how should you approach it? 

The most prevalent security issues to be aware of and how to cultivate the proper mentality and surfing habits is-  

How to keep your smartphone and all of your personal information safe. 

The top 25 passwords (does yours appear on the list?). 

What constitutes a robust password? (123456 is an insecure password) A way to produce and maintain strong, distinctive passwords for all of your accounts (without the need to memorize them). 

Though a criminal obtains your credentials, there are ways in which to stop them from accessing your accounts. 

Our training restricts the sources and elements that permit attackers to achieve full access to your accounts without having to grasp your passwords (and however you’ll defend yourself). 

How to make your sensitive data unreadable to attackers by utilizing the power of encryption? 

This is a  technical subject, I intend to lead you through them in a way that is both actionable and understandable. (And remember, all you have to do is ask if you have any questions along the road.)