“Ice phishing” is a method that doesn’t involve stealing private keys. Rather, it states convincing a user into signing a transaction that grants the attacker approval over the user’s tokens. “Ice phishing,” where the attacker simply needs to change the sender address of the message. This is common in wire transfer and PayPal scams as others are tricked into believing it is sent from their friend or loved one. One of the most effective methods of ice phishing utilizes cleverly designed images. These images use a variety of techniques to trick users into clicking buttons and completing financial transactions.

A recent “ice phishing” attack found success because hackers accumulated approvals over some time, then instantaneously drained the victim’s wallets. To combat these issues, it may help to only spend from addresses where you are an authorized signer. From security to phishing scams, web users are faced with risks that cannot be underestimated. Starting this week, Microsoft is ramping up protection against sophisticated versions of phishing campaigns that can infect targets and steal their cryptocurrency.

The threat of cyber-attacks continues to grow at an alarming rate, and vigilance is key. However, by using a social vulnerability scanning tool like CyberVista, organizations can identify their most vulnerable point so they can take necessary mitigating action more quickly. Knowing when to back up and how to do it is important new knowledge for the IT industry. Consider a strategy for creating reliable backups by copying live volumes onto offline media. These offline copies are not accessible by cybercriminals, which increases your data safety. Limit user privileges to enforce least privilege; collect and correlate user privileges.

Ice phishing refers to the use of ransomware in a hacked environment.

  • Implement multi-factor authentication to protect compromised user credentials and strong authentication to protect your mainframe systems.
  • Constantly educating users on how to spot sophisticated social engineering and spear-phishing attacks.

When computers are running on a mainframe, the most sensitive data is often stored there and has been known to fall prey to scammers. With IoT networks, The most challenging part of securing them is in the remote endpoints that populate IoT networks.

Microsoft 365 Defender

The Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team has observed attacks that identify themselves as credential phishing attacks from the past yet some of them are custom-made for the next generation web. Stolen data could single-handedly disrupt the cryptocurrency economy costing nearly 2.2 trillion dollars.

Microsoft stated, ice phishing occurs when hackers take advantage of weaknesses that typically manifest in how applications were downloaded and installed onto the user’s computer. The user usually trusts the authenticity of the developer’s certificate when it is really from an attacker. ”

The role of Trust Apps

Trust Apps to thwart phishing. Dridex relies on a trusted, macro-driven process to infect computers. The creators have ensured that Trust Apps are long-time security providers, are configured in such a way so that macros are enabled only when coming from trusted locations and cannot be used as attack points and potential malware vehicles.

Monitor the people who manage it to make sure no one is harming your company.

Be sure to implement intelligent ways of managing your devices. You can remotely disable the device in case you lose it or it is compromised with an endpoint management system.

Good corporate governance and awareness are not enough to minimize the risk of clicking on phishing emails. A more robust approach is needed to ensure that IT can make the user account safe again by mitigating the risks when a user does click on a phishing email.


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