Incognito mode is a browser feature that prevents information you type into your browser from being tracked by others. In every major browser, Incognito mode has its naming convention, and this enables more control over the security of your internet browsing.

With Incognito mode,  you can easily browse the internet, not revealing your identity to ads through private browsing. It hides both browsers and gives you a private tip about what search engine and tracker blocking settings would be best for you.

Are you browsing the web in incognito mode? It has some amazing benefits that everyone should be aware of.

To start, there is an amazing set of benefits like:

  • In Incognito mode, your privacy is guaranteed.
  • Your browser won’t save your browsing or search engine history, and it will also forget what sites you’ve logged onto or the name and password you use.
  • More surprisingly, if you are texting someone but don’t want them to see it pop up on their screen, incognito mode lets you have the conversation privately. This keeps people focused and happy.

Benefits of Incognito Mode

  • With Incognito mode, you can prevent your web browser from saving personal information about your browsing session for future ad targeting.
  • Incognito mode is great for when you don’t want a website to follow where you go on the internet. Incognito mode uses encrypted data and your page cannot tie your computer to “you”
  • Incognito mode is a privacy feature available in every major web browser. You can use Incognito mode to keep your data, your online banking activities, and more, safe and private.
  • Incognito mode doesn’t keep you safe. If you are using a work, school, or business Wi-Fi network, your browsing history will still be visible to all the users of that network. Incognito mode still has its use in the age of advanced technology.

How can you use it?

With Incognito mode, search engines may display search suggestions based on your location or activity in your current incognito session. When you search on Google, it will always evaluate the general area in which you are searching.

Incognito Mode runs on a separate tab from regular Chrome tabs. Remember that your private browsing session will be saved in a new tab. However, you can cancel incognito mode by closing all incognito tabs. Incognito mode prevents Chrome from saving your browsing activity to local history. If a company, such as Google, still hosts the website you are visiting and has your registration information, it can log in and keep a record of all your incognito activities.

Shut all windows to close Incognito Mode

To exit incognito mode, close all incognito windows. When you first open a new incognito window, you create a new incognito session. Any incognito windows you open later are part of the same session. You can end an incognito session by closing all open incognito windows.


In incognito mode, none of your browsing data, cookies and websites, or information entered into forms is stored on your device. Websites see you as a new user and don’t know who you are until you sign in. If you’re browsing Chrome in incognito mode, by default, you’re not logged into any account or website. Your school, ISP, or any parental control software can see your activities.

How does private browsing mode keep you safe from security threats?

Incognito is a Chrome browser extension that protects your privacy while browsing public Wi-Fi networks as it automatically clears all tab data every time you close the browser. It also doesn’t save in private browsing, so you don’t accidentally exit incognito and lose private information.

You want to stay incognito, but that means avoiding any of your browsing history, not just yours.

  • When you’re on a public Wi-Fi network, your school and any other parties (such as your ISP or parental control software) can see your activity.

To minimize the chance of being tracked while browsing the web, visit the website in incognito mode. In incognito mode, websites cannot identify you as a visitor.

  • If you log into any website in incognito mode, the website will not be able to identify you or track your activity. Prevent your activity from being tracked by your location on the websites you visit.
  • After closing all incognito windows, websites will no longer be able to show you ads based on your activity during a private session. This is a smart way to prevent the sites you visit from using the data collected from your incognito browsing activities to include certain personalized advertisements.


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