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The mobile revolution has delivered phones that can even replace laptop computers as a means of accessing the web, especially at home and when on the go. With so much valuable data now synced to our cell phones via social networks, financial systems, and email polling, it’s high time to look at choosing a more locked-down OS. Find out in this article whether an Android or iOS is more secure to make your choice easier.

Now we bring you this question, “Which is more secure- Android v/s iOS?”

  • Android OS devices do compromise an individual’s privacy because Google allows device manufacturers or operators to collect personal data from these Android devices. The data can then be shared with other organizations, such as police and business owners, with some consent required by law.
  • Apple’s iOS stops its developers from collecting all sorts of information without permission. Thus it offers a much safer email service that includes encrypted authentication, secure iCloud storage, and untraceable browsing.
  • As mobile devices are technically computers in our pockets, they’re also just as susceptible to viruses and malware. Though Windows mobile is a newer OS using the same antivirus software used by PCs, Apple still holds the crown when it comes to staying clear of these pesky pests.
  • It is important to understand what data you have and what that data means to you, who should be using the device and what their requirements are; and of course the intended environment for use.
  • We all know that Android is a lot cheaper for consumers. But with that low price, comes security problems. With things getting online and off-line, hackers are always trying to find new ways to get into your life too. iOS on the other hand is more expensive but it may be one of the most secure OS there is.
Differences Between The Two Major Mobile Operating Systems: Android vs. iOS

The main difference between Android, and iOS is the number of apps that are designed specifically for them. For example, there are more apps designed for Android than there are for iOS phones. However, just because a phone isn’t designed specifically with an operating system doesn’t mean that it’s less secure.

Find Out Which Password Is More Secure

Android has more “hacked with success” cases than iOS but there is no conclusive evidence for why this may be the case. There are no clear devices that have both Android and iOS. Only one answer to that question would be taken as a logical response: “Well, let’s take a look.” Android OS is the most popular OS in the market, which is estimated for 84% of the global share. iOS has about 17% of the share.

How Do You Know What Devices Are Available For Android or iOS?

To find out what devices are available for either Android or iOS, you can go to the apps store of your choice and poke around.

Does a Cheaper Phone Mean It Will Be Less Secure?

When you purchase an expensive phone, you are paying for the materials used to build the device and the quality of construction. You should also consider any security features included in the device. If you need to access sensitive information like banking data, then you should invest in a more expensive phone.

A cheaper phone may only have basic security features such as a pattern lock or fingerprint lock. And even though these lower-end models may seem less risky, if you lose your smartphone and someone can easily unlock it, then that information becomes readily available as well.


Every day, the number of cyber-attacks is increasing and most users are investing their data in an insecure ecosystem. The best way to circumvent all these drawbacks is by using a secure device. You cannot compare the security features offered by iOS v/s Android OS because both are developed on different architectures and OSes. We all need our devices to be secure, and it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting into before handing over your credit card details or personal information.