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Your Online Privacy: Part-1




You woke up at 7 pm. Google and Apple immediately knows about it because you are wearing a health tracker.  

Do you keep your tab open while doing web browsing or Facebook? So Google and Facebook both know what you are watching and reading on the other tab. And apple immediately gets to know about it. 

Is your mood off early in the morning?  They know it.

Facebook knows it because you answered in your Facebook post-this is rubbish. My area had a power cut for the whole night. My morning was spoiled. 

And yes, they also know that you are a lazy person who doesn’t exercise early in the morning, that is why you will not show Adidas or Nike shoe ads. You will be shown ads for the sandwich maker. Sandwich maker that prepares potato sandwiches in 10 minutes.  

You leave for the office till 9 o’clock. Google, Uber ( For Apple matters iPhone), Airtel or Jio app, apps like Facebook know that you are on the way and reaching the office. Your office is at 7, film city Noida sector 16A. They also know that you sit on its fourth floor because you go from the lift. You never use your stairs. So you won’t receive a sports shoe ad. 

At 11 o’clock, you went to the bank from the office. Even though your boss did not know about it but your phone knows it. It knows that you took a holiday from the office for some time. Went to the bank at 2 KM and came back after 25 minutes. What have you done in the bank, it knows of it. You withdrew 10 thousand rupees because you received a message at 11:15 in which you got to know about the withdrawn money from the phone.  

They also know your salary & worth. You get your salary credit message in your SMS app. You receive all of your investment, share, mutual funds mails in your mailbox.

If you are earning well then get ready for the ads of luxurious & costly products.

It’s lunch time. Your burger came and you clicked its picture and posted it on Facebook. Wasn’t it delicious? But Facebook has seen that petty and chicken were in between your burger. Now it knows that you are a non-vegetarian. Next time when you will open Instagram then you will see ads for a non-veg burger from the nearest restaurant. Because Instagram is also like Facebook (Owned by Facebook) !! 

You are in bed at 11 o’clock. Your phone knows it and also many apps. For 30 minutes your phone is on the charger and it is not picked up. Even after getting 5 notifications.  

At 12 o’clock, your phone is still on the charger and it is not picked up for 1 hour. Your fitness tracker tells you your heartbeat is normal and now you are not dynamic. You are at ease. All apps like Google, Facebook have noted down your time. You slept at 11 o’clock, they know about it.  

They know everything. Your name, contact details, your friends, your family, your salary, your wealth, how much electricity you consume, your food choice, your political opinion, your behavior, your favorite musician, your favorite holiday destination, your crush (which you stock on social media) & also your favorite condom brand.

Advertising is the main source of income for major internet companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google. 98% of the total revenue of Facebook & 86% of the total revenue of twitter comes from advertisements. They use their big audience network to sell the ads. They collect your sensitive data so that their advertisers could run more precise ad campaigns. They prepare your virtual profile & sell them to the advertisers.

So the verdict is that your privacy has been compromised & the internet services you are using are not free. You are paying in form of your privacy.

We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times, where there are no secrets. We have to remember just one thing ”If it’s on the internet, it isn’t private.”

”A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. They’ll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves, an unrecorded unanalyzed thought. And that’s a problem because privacy matters. Privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be.”

Edward Snowden


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